Wynch Project management Consulting

We are uniquely qualified to lead construction projects of varying complexity and difficulty. We manage teams, negotiate contracts, manage budgets, and protect our clients’ interests in a proactive manner. Our extensive expertise in design, construction, and business allows us to streamline procedures, cut costs, meet deadlines, and keep projects on schedule.

Wynch dreams brand

Wynch Dreams

Our aim is to give you the creative freedom to create your own look and make your own new thing. From getting those t-shirts and mugs designed just the way you like it. To getting a sophisticated 3D sculpture of yourself. We make sure if you can dream we can design and deliver it.


Luck of the Irish

This is our Bistro and Gourmet store brand. The first of which was located in Indore near IIT Indore. Stores are one of its kind having a variety of high quality international and domestic products. We also provide international food and beverage cuisine experiences in our bistros with the unique concept “the more you order, the bigger the discounts”. 

Luck of the irish bistro and gourmet store branc

When you Need Help

We have researched and worked with various neutral organizations to identify specific issues suffered by people in India and abroad. The results were summarized into 8 causes that our firm plans to actively help resolve. Our hope is to spread positivity that affects the world around us to make it a better place for all.


International Retail

We have tie-ups with international companies from countries in Europe and Asia. With special relations with Ireland, Japan and Russia. We import a wide range of products, including food, beverages, ceramics and much more. Along with being one of the major international distributors in central India. We also collaborate with a few indigenous brands such as House of Candy, Mixtales, Jalani and Andstirred for retail and distribution in Indore. 

Blue flames clubs and societies brand

Blue Flames C & S

We formed various clubs and societies with a wide range of facilities under a single banner. Whether you want to learn or just have some fun. This is the place you come to find and unite with like-minded individuals.  From fashionista to sports fans, amateur chef to worldly scholars, budding entrepreneur to loner bookworm. We have a space and group for everyone to find their peers. 


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