Bringing the Quality back into the Country

With the increase in products imported from China the quality in the market has taken a backseat to cost. We are planning to bring the quality and innovation into India by importing from Japan instead. Japan follows the most stringent quality standards and guidelines in the world.

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Made in Japan products provide us with Trust, Confidence and Premium Quality.

Products are made in close partnership with our customers to fulfill their needs.

Japanese products are in huge demand worldwide but not easy to source.

We follow the model of continuous improvement to give innovative products.

OEM Solutions
Sell in your Own Brand

In addition to the bulk order discounts for B2C retail sales to our business affiliates and distributors. We also provide B2B orders with specific MOQs an option to sell the products in their own brand. Support is given for documentation, language translations, private labeling, packing, and marketing.

Items Sold Online
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Our Goal

We have undertaken this project not for profit but to make sure the Indian consumers do not fall in the trap of cheap and disposable. Unless the consumer agrees to spend more money to buy better quality products, they will end up destroying the market growth and its innovation potential which will harm India in the long term. Thus we are trying to Bring Best Quality to the household at Cheapest Cost Possible. 

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