Construction and project management consulting

Wynch Project Management Pvt. Ltd. is uniquely qualified to lead construction projects of varying complexity and difficulty. We manage teams, negotiate contracts, manage budgets, and protect our clients’ interests in a proactive manner. Our extensive expertise in design, construction, and business allows us to streamline procedures, cut costs, meet deadlines, and keep projects on schedule.

E-Commerce Services

We offer a variety of E-Commerce services, including full e-commerce consultation, catalogue services, business consultation, online marketing, digital marketing, graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), social media optimization (SMO), product photography, and web design and development. We sell a wide range of products from our own web portal in addition to consulting services. We provide services that are specifically tailored to the needs and desires of our clients.


Retail Sector

We have tie-up with international countries such as Japan, Russia, Taiwan. We import a wide range of products, including food, ceramics, beverages, and much more. We are one of the major international distributors in central India. In the Indore retail distribution market, we also collaborate with a few domestic brands such as House of Candy, Mixtales, and Andstirred. Apart from these are we are developing markets in the field of Stationery, Personalized gifting shops, Household products, Kitchenware, Apparel, Customized items, Sublimation products and 3D products. We are a group of hardworking professionals who strive to maintain sustainable sales to our distribution partners. We strive to deliver quality to our consumers in every manner we can.


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